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My name is Stella, I am a native French teacher. I have been working in the language industry (as a trainer and manager) for over 15 years now and i love it. I have worked with many customers in different countries. I work with business executives, organisations and university students.

I do hold a double Master in didactics, one of French as a foreign language and the other of Didactics of plurilinguism which mainly focused on language acquisition, language politics and sociolinguistics and the classification of world languages.

I also specialized in verbo tonal phonetics, a new method that helps students  get the right French accent from the start.

I truly believe in multilinguism (I do speak several languages myself- English, Spanish, German, some catalan and Rhenish Franconian, a regional language) and the power of being able to communicate in different languages. It broadens your mind and helps bring people together. One day soon I will pick a new language to learn….

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